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Established in 1977 by Stephen Gilchrist, all instruments are built here at Lake Gnotuk, Australia in small batches to ensure the highest quality workmanship and playability for creative musicians around the world.

For the past four decades I have been passionate about building arch-top instruments and the music that so many inspiring musicians play on them. My simple goal is to be able to release the full acoustic potential of every piece of spruce and maple selected for each individual instrument. A lifetime challenge that begins anew each time at the workbench.
My fascination with instrument making started as a surfboard making teenager when I met local violin maker Johnny Johnson who encouraged me with books on the subject and made me the thumb plane that I use to this day. But a real life-changing experience came in 1979 when I was offered a position in the repair department at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. A finishing school for an aspiring young luthier if ever there was one.
From first hearing the music of the South with all its soulful grit and powerful rhythms, to the inspiring creativity of all the new acoustic sounds since, it's the energy of the music that continues to inspire me to create the best instruments I can with these beautiful materials we have to work with.
My son
Daniel is also pursuing his own passion for lutherie and building finely crafted electric instruments of his own original designs.

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