Gibson F5 mandolin #75325

Signed by Lloyd Loar February 18, 1924
FON #11965

Repair issues

  • Multiple glue joint failure, finish damage, plate separation and distortion due to long-term moisture and heat exposure
  • Broken scroll and finish damage to headstock

Work done

  • Remove back, re-glue centre seam and re-form profiles in molds
  • Re-form top profiles in molds
  • Re-glue de-laminated sides to internal blocks and linings. Replace missing lining
  • Re-assemble body and binding
  • Blend water stain and touch-up varnish to damaged areas of lower body and end of headstock

Repair completed  August 1996

Sadly, this mandolin was stored in its case and wrapped in plastic outdoors for many years before its next owner discovered it in this neglected and de-laminated condition.
The ends of the case were weather damaged, allowing the moisture in and also leaching red dye from the case lining into areas of the varnish, giving a somewhat redder shade to the Cremona finish.  Protected from most of the effects of the weather by the case and plastic, the finish from the centre of the body to the middle of the headstock was in near pristine original condition. Don't store your mandolin outdoors!