Known as "the mugshots", images linked to serial numbers are mostly from my records with the soul purpose of identification. Quality varies greatly depending on time and circumstances taken, but the character of each piece of wood is unique and unmistakable. Like a fingerprint, no two flamed maple backs are the same and an individual instrument can be easily identified among the crowd.
If you own an instrument that does not have a photo linked or have a better quality image (full frontal top and back),  you are welcome to email it to   Photo credit will be acknowledged.

All "wooden gate" photos by Dexter Johnson


D log


A large sugar maple Acer saccharum from up-state New York that was found and milled by John Griffin of Old Standard Wood.  Nicknamed the "D" log after he was told of the location of a large fallen curly maple by a "drunken" logger in a bar while on a wood hunt to the Northeast in 1996. 

Characteristic of sugar maples from this region, its timber is dense and resonant and has a broad, deep figure pattern. Due to its great size, it yielded over 150 instruments with a consistent look and tonal qualities. It was mostly cut as two piece flip-matched slab/spiral backs and a small number of slabbed one piece backs. It also yielded many years supply of neck and side stock. 

Pictured is just some of the log during initial air drying.




The Story of Shellac by William Zinsser, Inc
1927 Edition


Booklet sourced courtesy: Brant Beene