Gibson F5 mandolin #72206

Signed by Lloyd Loar February 26, 1923 (with Virzi Tone Producer #10445)

Repair completed  October 2017

Repair issues

  • Lacquer and sprayed sunburst finish
  • Non original fingerboard and binding
  • Non original headstock veneer and inlays
  • Original hardware missing (pickguard partially complete)

Repair job

  • Make new laminated headstock veneer and inlays to Feb '23 batch specs
  • Make new fingerboard and binding to Feb '23 specs
  • Remove lacquer, sand and re-define scroll 'crest' line 
  • Re-finish with water stain and varnish finish
  • Re-build original pickguard and make new side support bracket
  • Fit original Loar period tuners, tailpiece and bridge (supplied by current owner)

Being from a February 1923 batch, which appears to have consisted mostly of the lighter 'tobacco' stain, it was assumed #72206 would have originally had the same finish.  It has been refinished (again) in that finish, but with the original style hand water stain technique and varnish finish.
The other major work was replacing the non-original style fingerboard and solid ebony headstock veneer with an original style laminated dyed maple veneer. The headstock veneer was most likely replaced in the past due to several different tuner installations, resulting in a number of holes being plugged and re-drilled and the loss of the original inlays and positioning.   (N.B. The early 1923 headstocks were a transitional phase between the 'wide splayed'  tuners with 'low set' inlays to the 'canted inwards' and 'higher set' inlays that appeared in later batches).

The mandolin has a slightly thinner rim (sides assembly) most likely due to the back being removed from the completed instrument by Gibson sometime during the Loar era to retro-fit the tone producer.