• Fingerboards on all instruments and models are available as either flat or radiused
  • Model 5 and Model 3 mandolins are available with or without a scalloped extension  
  • Mandolins and mandolas are available with a wide nut option


Like a section from a cone, radiused fingerboards have a "compound" radius that increases in diameter from nut to the end of the board. 
This ensures an even edge thickness to the fingerboard and a constant height of arch as it widens up the neck.
Likewise, to maintain the same uniform binding thickness and height of arch between all size instruments, the bigger models with wider fingerboards need a proportionally larger radius.


Radius at nut and end of fingerboard
mandolin                     10" - 12" Ra
mandola                       11" - 13" Ra
octave mandolin         12" - 14" Ra
mando-cello                12" - 14" Ra
guitar                           14" - 16" Ra

            Not to scale


The fingerboard extension is scalloped and the last 5 frets inlaid flush with aluminium, allowing more than 1/8" extra pick clearance over the extension.



All mandolin and mandola models are available with a wider neck option. While the nut and string spacing is noticeably wider, the overall feel of the neck is not uncomfortably large as the neck profile is a little more "V" shaped. This gives the neck a slimmer feel than a wider neck would otherwise have, with the benefit of wider string spacing for those who prefer more room on the fingerboard.

Nut Width                  Standard   Wide
Mandolin                      1.100"       1 3/16"
Mandola                       1 1/4"        1 5/16"
Octave                          1 1/2"           -
Mando-cello                 1 9/16"         - 
Guitar                            1 11/16"        -